About Us

About us


who we are?

ROOLOGY, born from Arushi Roopchandani’s styling passion, defies norms with inventive designs. Raised in India, she saw a gap in traditional patterns during her styling career, inspiring the brand’s unique direction. 

Honoring bold individuals who celebrate uniqueness, ROOLOGY’s pieces empower self-expression. Meticulously crafted for innovation and comfort, they offer endless styling possibilities. With uncompromised quality, intricate dyeing, and a skilled artisan team, each creation is a brilliant statement. Join us at ROOLOGY, where audacious innovation meets limitless style, embracing authenticity and individuality.

Autumn Collection

Introducing our debut collection, ‘Sunflower Fields,’ ignited by the legendary Greek goddess Clytie’s tale. She spun her anguish into the radiant hope embodied by the sunflower.

In the now, bitterness can creep, yet like Clytie, we must exhale elation. Vibrant motifs and lively hues channel hope, while bold silhouettes mirror modern battles.

This collection orchestrates a jubilant dance of contrasting emotions, spotlighting love’s and hope’s unwavering potency.